Last updated 12/8/2014

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$10 of $50

Coupon Code - tenoff
Offer Expires December 15, 2014

20% off Select Goldenfeast blends

GF Conure Blend 28oz
Goldenfeast Fruits and Nuts Plus 25oz
Goldenfeast Asian Medley 25oz
GF Conure Blend 28oz

GFCOSMRegular price: $8.99Special price: $7.19
Goldenfeast Fruits and Nuts Plus 25oz

A unique, nutritious food for most parrot species
GFFNPSMRegular price: $9.99Special price: $7.99
Goldenfeast Asian Medley 25oz

A nutritious food for Finches, Canaries, Cockatiels, Parakeets, Doves and Parrotlets
GFAMSMRegular price: $9.99Special price: $7.99

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